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Knowing Prices Tied to Lower Healthcare Spending

(Reuters Health) - People who search and compare the prices of common healthcare services tend to spend a bit less than people who don’t, according to a new study.

The overall amount of money people and their employers spent on office visits, laboratory services and imaging tests was between $1 and $125 less than normal when they looked up the prices ahead of time, researchers found.

“It makes sense,” said the study’s lead author Christopher Whaley, from the University of California, Berkeley. “If you give them the information on services, they respond to it.”

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Medicaid Managed Care Enrollment Expected to Increase by 13.5 Million by 2016

According to a report from Avalere Health enrollment of Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) beneficiaries in managed care is projected to increase by 13.5 million by 2016. In total, managed care enrollment will increase from a previous 67% of Medicaid and CHIP enrollees in 2013 to 76% in 2016. Under Medicaid managed care, the state pays a fixed rate to the insurer, which administers payment for care.

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States, Federal Government Debate Use of Medical Marijuana

Phoenix—As a clinical pharmacy specialist at the Stratton Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Albany, New York, Jeffrey Fudin, PharmD, is prohibited from prescribing or dispensing marijuana. He is a federal government employee and must abide by US law that makes marijuana illegal.